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Fine Bespoke Furniture

Each commissioned piece of bespoke furniture is hand crafted to an exceptional level of quality to last a lifetime.


The desired piece will be tailored exactly to the client's needs, ensuring the design matches their requirements exactly and fits into the specified location.


All furniture is hand crafted, using traditional cabinet maker's techniques, ensuring the best possible quality.  


Wherever possible, locally sourced or reclaimed timbers are used.


Furniture Restoration

Adam understands that the true value of a piece of furniture is not financial, it is what it means to you. The personal connections you have to an item of furniture and the memories it holds are priceless.

That is why our restoration is carried out to the highest professional standard, sympathetically ensuring that the patina, character and originality of the piece is preserved.


Gun Stock Refurbishment & Adjustment

Adam also offers bespoke gunstock service.  This includes everything from removing minor marks, to tailoring a brand new stock and/or fore-end for the client.


There are a range of finishes available, including the finest hand-rubbed oil finishes, to state of the art, modern sprays and resins.

Adam can also adjust your stock for you (lengthening/shortening/cast adjustment etc) so that your shotgun will fit you perfectly.


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